Newsletter – Issue 9, August 2023

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We love because he first loved us

1 John 4:19

His great love is the source and motivation of our love. God’s sacrifice for us, ought to make us completely dependable in our showing love to the world.

R. Kent Hughes

The mother of this little girl writes:
‘I was just arrived from oversea two months ago. After one of ultrasound test. I found out I was pregnant. I look for help online, asked one of Father (Priest). Father Priest, Mark told me about the Hope House. I checked online and found HH contact number to call. I am so grateful to know the people who worked for Hope House.

They are so much hope, love, care and kindness. Whenever I needed and be always there. I was pregnant and alone, also needed a lots of help with emotions that are overwhelming. Hope House helps me in every medical an appointments, bought a lots of groceries, baby stuff for the preparations. There was a time I have to move in Dee Why for safety. Hope House helps me with rents that has not enough to pay fortnightly by myself alone.

Mrs Christine was such a beautiful, great professional. Always check every medical appointment and come with me or pick me up in her car for doctor’s appointments. Keeps always confidentials, great laughs, chats and a lots great exchange conversation.

Thank you so much for the Hope House, women and child first. Without them I wouldn’t successfully got my healthy Sadie Victoria. I hope recommend all the single mom, newly mom, alone or great military, medical staff member who still struggle to conceived baby or pregnant. Please reach out to the Hope House, women, child first. They are the best professional and great mom for mom will guide you the best direction as well. As if you were alone like me, always ask for help for yourself and new born baby. Time will go but remember you are not alone.

This couple had a high-risk pregnancy and was referred to HH by a major hospital. Their little baby boy required many heart surgeries. And is still in the Intensive Care Unit. The father had to stop work for a while to be by his wife’s and baby’s side. HH is helping them with food hampers, emotional support, and baby items. They are very grateful for our support in their time of need.

Also, introducing Ula to you, one of our wonderful volunteers! You can see her resume on the Our People page.

We continue to answer our Hope line with life-affirming help. Please pray for these calls, so they will agree to our help. Thank you for all your support.

The Hope House Team

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