We are a group of volunteers who are here to help you, from the beginning of your pregnancy journey to well after the birth.

When you’re facing a crisis pregnancy and need someone to talk to, or if you are feeling scared or alone, contact us. You don’t have to do this journey alone.


Mum, grandmother, former RN and Midwife. Nadia has completed the Telephone Support Worker Course with Pregnancy Help Sydney.


Mum, grandmother, passionate about helping women and their families as a support.


One of our Hope House volunteers currently studying International Studies and Media at UNSW.


Mum and one of our breastfeeding counsellors. Group leader of the South Western Sydney division of the Australian Breastfeeding Association.


Beth is a mum who holds a Bachelor of Social Work and has completed the perinatal non-directive counselling training course through the Australian Psychological Society.


One of our HopeHouse volunteers. Patrick is in his final year of university studying the Bachelor of Speech Pathology and volunteers as a men's support worker.

The chairman is Rev. Dr Peter Barnes, a Presbyterian minister and lecturer in Church History, with a long-term involvement in pro-life issues.